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Starters and Salads



Iberian acorn ham

Pure sheep’s cheese

Smoked salmon

Chopped tomato salad with garlic


Mixed salad

Tipi Tapa salad

Goat cheese salad

Russian salad

Shurimi crab sticks salad

Pipirrana salad

Eggs stuffed with tuna

Anchovies in vinegar

Eggplant with honey

Grilled vegetables

Grilled mushrooms

Mushrooms with shrimp and cured ham

Scrambled eggs with gula (elvers)

Scrammbled eggs with prawns

Gula with garlic (elvers)

Pil pil prawns

Grilled prawns

Shrimp snack

Grilled cuttlefish

Grilled kingklip

Spicy red pepper stuffed with cod loin and seafood sauce

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Stew with tripe

Blood sausage with red wine reduction

Baked croquettes

Spinach croquettes

Varied croquettes

Bomb (one stuffed potato with minced meat)

Fried chicken wings

Dates with bacon

Small chicken fillets BBQ

Strips of beef with vegetables and oyster sauce

Takati tenderloin with noodles

Potatoes with delicious typical hot sauce